Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week 4, Thing #9, Locate a few useful school classroom and library related blogs

I took a look at the different ways to search for rss feeds. On I subscribed to health news. On I searched for blogs about fitness. I found one I like but it does not look like it is being updated. I added it anyways just in case they decide to add more posts. Technorati was very well organized. By looking at the Blog directory, I was able to choose the category I wanted to search. I also liked the way the information was displayed about each blog in Technorati. I did a search on children's librarian and found a blog about children's books.

Now that I know how to add feeds to my bloglines account and what to look for on websites to see if they have an rss feed, it will be easy for me to continue to add feeds to my blogline account. This will be a great way for me to keep up with information about books, about fitness, and about any other subjects that I find interesting.


  1. I liked Technorati, too. There are so many things to discover! What is Syndic8?

  2. You can find a wealth of great blogs on children's and YA literature at Kidlitosphere Central. It's a gold mine for librarians and others looking for RSS on kid's books on the web.

  3. Syndic8 is a website where you can find RSS news feeds.