Monday, October 5, 2009

Week 5, Thing #10

I created this image at
There were a lot of images to choose from. I was able to choose the title and the words on the image.
I had fun creating messages for my husband at I created a word mosaic for him which I sent to him by email. Using one of the animations, I created a message that shows up in the sand and then a wave washes over the sand. I also sent the animation to my husband by email.
Taking a look at some of the other online image generators, I am amazed at what you can create online these days. I went to school before there were computers in the classroom.
With the online image generators, a librarian could add images to a library's blog or website. The images would also be a colorful way to make signs for the library telling about upcoming events or about the library's rules. I am just wondering what the rules are about copyright and displaying the images.

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  1. glad you mentioned about copyright; it would be good to check the site you used to see what their policy is