Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week 2, Thing #3, Create Your Own Blog

When I first tried to create my blog on, I got a message about Java Script and cookies. I followed the instructions and found out the settings needed for to work were already set at the correct settings. So I was left to figure out why I was receiving the message about Java Script and cookies. Wondering if the fact that I was accessing Blogger while I was in Blackboard, I decided to access it outside of Blackboard. That worked. I did create a blog on for one of my other classes last fall. Therefore I do have some experience with a blog. Tonight was the first time I created an avatar. I did not know it could be so much fun! However I did discover that if I did not continually save my changes to my avatar, I would lose everything I had changed up to that point. I found that out the hard way when I wanted to change clothes and lost the face and hairstyle I had picked out. While the hairstyle was easy to pick again, the face was harder because I could not remember which one I had decided I liked best. Speaking of hairstyles, I played around with trying different hairstyles including the bright colored ones. I knew I was not going to choose a bright colored hairstyle but I was curious to see how they looked. For the clothes for my avatar I was looking for something I thought was stylish. I thought the dog added a nice touch to the background scene in front of the library.


  1. Welcome to Classroom Learning 2.0. Enjoy the discovery learning adventure.

    I do not yet see your avatar. Did you copy the HTML version of your avatar and go to your blog's LAYOUT --> ADD A GADGET --> HTML to paste it?

    Best wishes.

  2. great looking avatar-- classy. thanks for sharing the process; that's the point

  3. I had so much fun creating an avatar (in front of a library) that the next day I created one with the background of a park. It looks like the one in the park automatically replaced the avatar that I had made for this blog. I went back to the yahoo avatar site and change my avatar back to the avatar in front of the library. It looks like the avatar that is displayed is whichever avatar I have currently created at the time. I am thinking that if I want to create a different avatar but still keep the same one on this blog that I will have to save the new avatar to favorites and then change the avatar back to this one (which is easy since I saved her in favorites also).

  4. It is fun! I admit to getting a bit too caught up in the fun...Time just slips away while I create.