Friday, September 25, 2009

Week 4, Thing #8, Learn about RSS Feeds

I definitely learned a lot this week about RSS Feeds. Before this lesson, I did not really know what they were. Having new information from favorite websites all in one place to look over is a great tool to have. I created an account with Bloglines and started adding news feeds. I found some feeds that give information about authors and about new children's books. I also chose the feed about the library cartoon. My favorite website also has an rss feed that I added.

One question I had wondered about was whether or not you would have a lot of articles piling up like you have emails in your email box. Using Bloglines, I discovered that once you take a look at the list of articles, then you no longer see them unless you have decided to save one (which I will have to try out).

I am wondering how to have several people take a look at the information that I would have going to a Blogline account. For instance, if I wanted to create an account for a library that would have information on a subject that was popular with patrons all in one place, I would not want the information being marked read once one person has looked at the information. Sounds like it is time for me to go back to Bloglines to learn more about what I can do with Bloglines.

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