Friday, December 18, 2009

Readings I Enjoyed

One of the readings I enjoyed this semester was Chapter 1 from Integrating Technology and Digital Media in the Classroom. Figure 1-1 on page 2 about the differences in learning in the past before computers and now with the new technology was interesting. Traditionally instruction was "teacher-centered instruction" (Shelley, 2008, p.2) and now it is moving towards "student-centered learning" (Shelley, 2008, p.2). Work was "isolated work" (Shelley, 2008, p.2) and now is moving towards "collaborative work" (Shelley, 2008, p.2). Also learning was "passive learning" (Shelley, 2008, p.2) and is now moving towards "active/exploratory/inquiry-based learning" (Shelley, 2008, p.2). I think allowing the students to have more say and be more active in what they are learning is a good approach to learning. Considering I grew up with the traditional way of learning before computers were even in the classrooms, it is interesting to see how learning is changing with the new technology available. I remember taking a computer programming course my senior year in high school. When I started at college I had to type papers with a typewriter. During my last few years at college (different college than where I started college) I bought my first computer and found out how much easier it was to type a paper on the computer. I am not really that old so it shows you how fast technology has changed and the impact it has had on education. It was interesting reading the section about how the different people at a high school use computers in their daily lives. I enjoyed reading Chapter 1 about technology and about the students who are growing up using the technology daily. I am understanding better the technological world that my children (13 years old and 17 years old) are growing up in. I already had thought about how the college experience for my daughter will be different from when I went to college. I was thinking about how their social experiences will be different since they can easily keep in contact with their friends back home. I had not thought about how the educational experience at college will be very different too. (My daughter has just started looking at colleges since she is in her junior year of high school.) I am already realizing that my children's experiences at elementary, junior high, and high school have been very different from my experiences with school because of all the new technology. Another reading I enjoyed was Chapter 7 from Library 2.0 and Beyond about online social networking. Since I am just becoming familiar with social networks online, I found the descriptions about social networks online and the tips for librarians to create an online presence informative. I just joined Facebook this past summer because a friend I went to college with is keeping in touch with friends via Facebook. I have learned a lot this semester about new technology and am feeling more comfortable using new technology.

Courtney, N. C. (Ed.). (2007). Library 2.0 and beyond. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited.

Shelley, G. B., Cashman, T. J., Gunter, R.E., & Gunter, G. A. (2008). Integrating technology and digital media in the classroom. Boston, Massachusetts: Cengage Learning.

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