Sunday, December 6, 2009

Assistive Technology, Module 4, Etiquette and Awareness

I took the disability quiz and did fine on it. How we speak about a person's disability really can make a difference in how we view a person and more importantly how a person views himself. It is very important not to define the person by their disability. I looked up my local independent living center's website and found out they offer services such as peer counseling, nursing home transition program, home modifications, and training in independent living skills such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, and paying bills. Searching for Assistive Technology websites, I found the following useful sites:
The last website is the website of American University Library in Washington, D.C. It was interesting to find out the library has a full-time Assistive Technology Specialist. Besides learning about assistive technology as a future librarian, I am also learning what is out there and how it can help my son. He has already gone for an Assistive Technology evaluation and we will be going back again one or two more times in order to see the different types of assistive technology available to help him with his writing. The technician ( I am not sure what the proper term is for someone who is conducting an Assistive Technology evaluation) is very patient and is taking the time needed to be sure my son is comfortable with the assistive technology. She is going to have us come back several times because she does not want to overwhelm him. It has been interesting learning about Assistive Technology in this class.

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