Saturday, December 12, 2009

Assistive Technology, Module 5, Curriculum Connections

It was interesting to take a look at the list of books written about characters who have disabilities. Books would be a great way to help people understand people who have disabilities. Children would be able to read about how children with disabilities are similiar to them (by having some of the same feelings and by liking some of the same things and activities). Children will also be able to read about the challenges children with disabilities face to do many of the activities that we take for granted. I would like to read some of the books on the list. Searching the internet for lesson plans explaining disabilities to students, I found this website with lesson plans for different ages. I have learned that there is a lot of assistive technology available to help people with their challenges. As my son and I explore the possibilities for him to use assistive technology for his learning, I will try my best to recognize and explain his strengths and challenges to the assistive technology specialist. There may be something that is challenging for my son that we do not realize could be helped with assistive technology. I would recommend that teachers and librarians view the assistive technology tutorial. From personal experience, I understand the importance of teachers and librarians understanding disabilities and understanding that there is assistive technology out there that could help their students.

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  1. I know these modules on assistive technology have been beneficial to you on a personal level. I hope you and your son explore and find the best assistive technology available for his success.