Saturday, November 7, 2009

Week 9, Thing #21 Podcasts

I found many podcasts of childrens' stories being read. One podcast was of children reading stories. The podcast I added to my Bloglines account was a podcast about the benefits of sleep. I am always looking for information about being healthy and this podcast sounded interesting. I am wondering how much time people spend each week listening to podcasts. We have so many choices now for how to get information. Do we want to listen to a podcast, watch a video, or read a blog? I am curious as to which of these ways is the most popular. My first thought is that I would not be listening to podcasts very often. I may be thinking that way because right now I am very busy with taking care of my family and working on my graduate classes. Maybe I also feel this way because podcasts are new to me. I do like the fact that I can put the podcasts in my Bloglines account.


  1. You are right that there are so many choices now to get information. People probably choose based on time and ways of learning. I'm a very visual learning so Podcasts/ talk radio is not my choice to receive information.

  2. Great points! Technology has opened so many doors giving users limitless choices. I suppose it depends on the type of learning you prefer, audio, visual...and kinesthetic hasn't found its way onto the web yet!

  3. It is interesting that you both are mentioning the different kinds of learning. It had just occurred to me this afternoon that maybe the reason I am thinking I am not going to be listening to podcasts as much as other options for getting information is because I am a visual learner. In fact I was going to write a post about that realization! I think my son does well with learning through listening to things so he may like podcasts when he gets older. (He is 13 yrs old.) He also can do math in his head. I have to write the problems down. When I had found the podcasts about the childrens' stories, I was wondering about someone just listening to the stories. I would want to have the book in front of me. Again a clue that I am a visual learner. Keeping in mind the different kinds of learners would be important for a librarian. In a reference interview it does sound like an important question to ask is what type of material are you looking for - DVD, audio, book, video on the web, podcast, blog, etc. Just as we are discovering new technology on the web, patrons may not know of the different resources available.